Projector Hire for special events & services ideal for functions such as Weddings , Funerals,

Birthdays and even movie nights.

Projector with Tripod including Screen and Sound reinforcement  for Video and Microphones

All set up for you, ready to operate or we can also provide technical support on site to run the presentation on Q.

Let Action Presentations take the worry out of Audio Visual Presentations at very competitive rates.

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The ability to play a video on Q at the critical moment at a funeral or special speech or Presentation is fraught with danger and anxiety, our objective as an Audio Visual and Projector Hire company is to overcome these stresses for you with the supply of high quality equipment to suit the venue and your required result on the day, we have many customers who have endeavoured to achieve a seamless result on Q and have reported less than optimal results when they have tried without our support, the key is not only quality equipment but the pretesting of all the Media components the day before the presentation and ensuring all your equipment is setup and pretested, simple things like will your computer power setting turn off the display without warning whilst you have a static image on display or will a screen saver drop in when you least expect it? We also supply all Leads for our Projectors and AV set ups all taped down so no one can trip over plus all equipment is tested and tagged to ensure safety for our users. We pride our team on 22 years of experience to get your Projector presentation set up done ready to help you really get that Speech or video communication delivered with a minimum of fuss and stress.