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Projection Screen Hire Melbourne, Make Your Event Successful

If you think about a Projection Screen Hire Melbourne, Projector Hire or Data Projector Hire, then there are various types of projector screens are available in the market, but, that will work for your home theater depends on many conditions such as the amount of light in the room, the projector, distance between the screen and projector and the viewing angle. If you are looking for a projection screen Hire Melbourne, the Action Presentations company in Melbourne have come up with the different models of projection screens that meet your different requirements. We also offer Video Camera Hire, Audio Visual Equipment Hire and Projector Hire in Melbourne.

Projection screen Hire Melbourne have also free-standing or stand-alone models of projector screens. These screens can be set up anywhere with the supports provided with the model and can be put away once the movie or presentation is over. This is very convenient for the offices or traveling salesmen with limited space. All the models are available in different sizes and makes. The free-standing models can not be very big or they may topple over. But, there are inflatable models also available which are generally used for movie projections outdoors and in open air theaters.

We also offer Video Camera Hire in Melbourne

Action Presentations offer a full audio visual and projector hire service to those looking for systems for corporate events, functions and parties.

Based in Melbourne, we have a variety of projectors to hire and buy that are compact, dependable and powerful to meet your presentation requirements.

Along with the data projector, screen hire can be provided along with delivery, set up and instruction from our informed team of professionals.

We have the knowledge and expertise to provide you with advice and guidance through the hire and presentation process.

For your next Conference, Meeting, Sales Presentation or Theatre Presentation try the most versatile audio visual equipment available by contacting the Projection Screen Hire Melbourne on Phone: 03 9530 0911 / Mobile: 0409 387 743 or email us at ccoakes@bigpond.net.au.